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Product Tag: Vassio Sofa 3 Seater

Vassio Sofa 3 Seater

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Aura Fabric Sofa 3 Seater


Model: Aura 3S
Colour: Beige
Seating Capacity: Three
Upholstery: Fabric
Dimension in mm: 195 x 85 x 80
Primary Material: Wood
Secondry Material: Solid Wood
Weight: 32 Kgs

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The 3-seater sofa, a versatile and compact furniture piece, effortlessly combines comfort and style. Its thoughtfully designed dimensions make it a perfect addition to smaller living spaces, cozy corners, or as a complementary seating arrangement in larger rooms. This type of sofa offers an intimate and inviting seating experience for couples, friends, or individuals seeking relaxation. With a range of designs, materials, and colors to choose from, the 3-seater sofa effortlessly adapts to various interior aesthetics, making it an essential element in both modern and traditional home settings. Whether placed in a living room, bedroom, or office, the 3-seater sofa provides a cozy enclave for unwinding, reading, or engaging in conversation.

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